Established since 1967

We are a well respected school, passionate about dance.

At Kickers we aim to provide the broadest dance training where pupils are taught many dance styles and disciplines. We pride ourselves on our professional standards and high quality teaching in a friendly and creative environment. Each individual is supported to reach their full potential whilst gaining a sense of achievement.
Pupils take examinations and medal tests throughout the year to improve technique and develop performance and the art of showmanship. Those showing the potential to teach may progress from advanced examinations and train towards their teaching qualifications.
Every two years there is our exciting dance show which showcases pupils’ talent and allows parents to see the progression pupils have made in class. It provides a great sense of achievement to all involved.

Selected pupils participate in national competitions and in other events for charities and organisations throughout the year.

This year, 2017, marks the principal Sue Jones' 50th teaching anniversary. We would like to congratulate Sue on her fabulous achievement and for creating a wonderful dance school.
Thank you for your hard work & dedication.

'Pupils start Kickers with you as their dance teacher and end with a very special friend'.